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Limited edition print by acclaimed artist Susan Morrison.

Susan Morrison is an artist, author, observer, educator, and storyteller. Using a variety of art forms as her methods, she works to raise awareness of America's wildlife and wildlands. Beyond awareness, her art celebrates and helps to preserve these valuable national resources.  Using the most basic tools available to an artist, pencils and paper, pen and ink, Morrison conveys a sense of the life in nature through a sincere rendering of varying textures, from cursing streams, stones and dense forest undergrowth to the soul-tugging limpid eyes of a timber wolf.

She demonstrates the intense character of her subjects by capturing not only the qualities of their appearance or habitat, but also their inner spirit. She is not a wildlife artist, nor an illustrator, but a portrait artist for our nation's animals and undisturbed natural scenery.

"TREE FROG" Limited Edition Print by artist SUSAN MORRISON

SKU: 3510-55 (10)
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