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Immerse yourself in a rich acoustic experience with the Mclaren Technologies MT-7 1500-watt speaker system. With up to 8 ohm input impedance, this Mclaren Technologies speaker system ensures proper handling of constant high voltage for sustained music reproduction. Moreover, enjoy listening to distortion-free music, thanks to the 60 Hz crossover frequency of this 1500-watt speaker system. A sensitivity rating of 88 dB of the Mclaren Technologies MT-7 efficiently converts power to clear sound. What’s more, the center speaker of this Mclaren Technologies speaker system is magnetically shielded, thus preventing interference by other electronic equipment with the electromagnetic waves that are emitted by the speaker.

WEIGHT:  Gross/39.29 lbs Net 35.98lbs


SKU: 6818-25 (25)
  • Call the store for availability 918-426-1052

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